Solid Waste & Recycling Department

Trash Collection
The trash collection in the Village of Voorheesville is currently contracted out to Robert Wright Disposal at 518-439-3376. Our contract allows for collection of normal household trash in a 95-gallon container provided by the contractor. Garbage pickup is every Wednesday. Please have your brown trash can out at the street by 6 a.m.  For replacement bins please call Village Hall at 765-2692.
  • Glass, tin cans and plastic should be in the Village green topped recycling bin (loose, not bagged) and placed on the opposite side of the driveway from the trash container.
  • Plastic bottles should only be recycled if a recycling logo is on the bottom of the item. Please rinse and drain. Labels are okay.
  • Paper (cardboard, newspapers, cereal boxes, cracker boxes, magazines, catalogs, envelopes, junk mail, shredded paper, etc) may also be included.
Brush will be picked up as time allows and as posted on Village Community Board, usually April through early September. The Village does not clean up after a contractor. If you hire a contractor, you must hire them to remove debris.

Branches should be placed at the curb with the cut end of the wood facing out. The pieces can be long, but not more than 10 inches in diameter. Wood that contains nails or staples should be placed separately so we do not put it through the wood chipper.

Lawn Debris
In the spring, other lawn debris must be in brown bags. In the fall, leaves will be vacuumed when left at the curb.

All Other Waste

All other items should be disposed of properly. The Town of New Scotland Transfer Station is open on Saturdays throughout the year and on Wednesdays from May through September. For more information, please call 518-475-0385.