Animal Control

Number of Animals Allowed
No more than 2 dogs or 2 cats are allowed in the Village.

Dog Licensing
Dog licensing is done through the:
Town of New Scotland
Clerk’s Office
2029 New Scotland Road
Slingerlands, NY 12159
Phone: 518-439-4865

Summary of the Village Dog Laws - it shall be unlawful:
  • For any owner of or any person harboring any dog to permit or allow such dog to engage in habitual loud howling or barking or to conduct itself in such manner so as to habitually annoy any person other than the owner or person harboring such dog. Any unreasonable or unnecessary noise by continuous barking, howling, or other animal noises is considered to be habitual after 15 minutes.
  • To allow a dog to cause damage or destruction to property, or commit a nuisance upon the premises of a person other than the owner or person harboring such a dog.
  • For a dog to chase or otherwise harass any person in such a manner as reasonably to cause intimidation or to put such person in reasonable apprehension of bodily harm or injury.
  • For a dog to to habitually chase or bark at motor vehicles.
  • For dogs to leave the owner’s premises unless restrained by a leash.
  • For dogs to leave waste on any private property or on public property. ****Complaints can be filed at Village Hall by signing an affidavit with specific details of incidents.

Important Phone Numbers

Issue/Concern Phone Number
Animal Control Pager for Loose or Dangerous Dogs Only
For Nuisance Issues (Leash, Noise, or Pooper Scooper)