Public Works Department

Spring Clean Up

Spring is a busy time for your Village DPW. As they work to get the Village in shape after winter, your help with the following items is appreciated.

  • Loose debris must be in brown biodegradable bags and placed at the curb for pick-up. Bagging is required because of an increase in stones, rocks, and larger debris that can damage our chipper.
  • Brush and limbs should be placed in piles at the curb - do not block sidewalks or place on roadway - with the cut side facing the street; limbs can be up to 10” in diameter. REMINDER: If you hire a contractor to trim your limbs or cut a tree, the contractor is responsible for hauling away the debris.
  • Moveable basketball hoops are an obstacle if placed in, or along the side, of any street or cul de sac. Keep these hoops off/out of these areas as they make it difficult to maneuver DPW equipment, emergency vehicles, and the garbage/recycling trucks.
  • DPW is aware that snow removal may have damaged some lawns. Repairs are on the schedule for the crew and will be taken care of as time allows.
  • Fire Hydrants – materials are available from DPW for residents who wish to paint hydrants near their homes. Give us a call!