Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management

Stormwater runoff is the result of rain contacting ground surfaces and roofs and is also the result of snowmelt.  This runoff can be light or heavy depending on the intensity of the storm and can be very damaging.  The rainfall runoff can pick up pollutants that are on the surfaces and convey them to nearby waterways, resulting in pollution.  Intense storms can cause soil erosion, washing away soils and discharging them into waterways as sediment.  Stormwater runoff is regulated by Federal and State agencies to protect the environment.

Stormwater Management is administered in the Village of Voorheesville to protect our waterways from pollution that can degrade the water quality.  In accordance with the Stormwater Phase II Federal Law, the Village, as a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4), administers the Nationwide Permit for stormwater discharges.  Pollutants can include oil, debris, fertilizers, pesticides, animal waste, salt, and sediment from eroded soil.  The Village has implemented measures to meet the permit regulations and requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to keep our waterways free from pollutants.  The Vly Creek and tributaries run through the Village and it important to maintain the highest attainable quality for this natural feature.

 Stormwater practices are constructed to treat stormwater before entering waterways.   They are installed during construction of new commercial, business, or residential subdivision sites to collect and treat the stormwater runoff before discharging to storm systems or streams.   Erosion and sedimentation control measures are used during construction of projects that involve site disturbances to keep erosion sediments from discharging from the construction site and into waterways.

 Stormwater Coalition of Albany County

The Village of Voorheesville is a member of the Stormwater Coalition of Albany County.  The Coalition is comprised of 10 municipalities, Albany County, and the University at Albany.  Albany County hosts the Coalition and the office is located in the Albany County Health Department building at 175 Green Street, Albany, NY.  All members contribute annual dues and as a member we receive Coalition services and implement Clean Water Act mandates collaboratively. 

For information about the Coalition, stormwater pollution prevention, and permit activities, go to the Coalition website:

 Where to find information

Available information on stormwater management and pollution prevention can be obtained at the Village Hall, or from the Village website.  

 Additionally, stormwater pollution prevention (what you can do info) can be found at the following Coalition link: 

Reporting Pollution

Discharging materials such as chemicals, motor oil, gasoline into the storm sewer system is illegal.  The material will eventually discharge to nearby streams and rivers causing pollution.   If you observe someone dumping waste in the storm sewers or stream, call the Village at 518-765-6292.

For chemical and hazardous waste spills call the New York State Department of Environmental hotline at 1-800-457-7362